Filtration for Landscape Irrigation

The water source for an irrigation system cannot be counted on to be “clean” enough to not cause problems with the proper functioning of the system’s components. Filtration is often overlooked because of the confusion of the selection and installation.

Course Agenda:

• The Principles Filtration
• Filtration Selection
• Filtration Installation
• Group Practice & Review

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Customer Service for Technicians

Delivering remarkable customer service is not just about doing your job. The competitiveness in todays irrigation service industry has changed the way customers expect to be treated.
This 2-hour workshop uses real-world case studies to identify the “Ten Commandments of Customer Service” that will provide the framework for delivering the level of service customers LOVE! .

You […]

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Managing Irrigation Service Contracts

This seminar looks at the concept of a service contract, considerations and how it can be successfully implemented in the landscape irrigation contracting business.

Course Agenda:

• Why service agreements?
• Marketing – 4 P’s.
• What’s in a Service Agreement? – PRODUCT
• PRICING the Service Agreement
• Managing (PLACE) the Service Agreement
• PROMOTING the Service Agreement

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Landscape Problems for the Irrigation Technician – Northeast

This class is designed to provide the irrigation technician in the northern and eastern regions of North America with the tools needed to effectively determine if a problem in the landscape is or is not related to water and if not, be able to at least make some basic determination as to what the problem […]

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The Big Picture: Standards, Codes and Initiatives

This seminar helps the irrigation contractor understand many of the developing standards, codes and green initiatives by examining the potential impact on our industry and their businesses.
Course Agenda:
• Where is the industry going and why?
• Executive Orders and BMP
• Model Irrigation Ordinance
• EPA WaterSense
• Standards & Codes
• LEED 4.1
• Commissioning

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Flow Sensor Basics

This course will offer information about the reasons to incorporate flow sensing into an irrigation automation system and the basics of flow sensor operation. The course will also explain the best practices of installing flow sensors in the piping system, wiring the sensor output to the irrigation controller and how the flow signal is used […]

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Flow Sensor Advanced

This session will discuss how flow sensors work, how to incorporate them into an irrigation system, accessories and how to troubleshoot with some hands on demonstrations.
Video presentation
Completion rules
All units must be completed.

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HDPE Principals

We are seeing more and more HDPE piping in commercial irrigation system.
This seminar will discuss the materials, design, installation techniques and repair from basic to advanced.

This course qualifies for 2 continuing education credits.


HDPE Presentation


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Using Multimeters to Evaluate Irrigation Electrical Circuits

The 3-hour online training course interactively guides the learner though the proper use of multimeters in order to correctly and efficiently identify the problem in a controller, valve wiring, solenoids, and splices. Learners will pause the training to use a meter in our eLab practice sessions during the online instruction to practice real-world applications of […]

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Troubleshooting of Diaphragm Valve

This 1-hour course takes the learners through how a valve works with a valve in their hands to discover the step-by-step process to determine the cause of the valve malfunction without wasting time cutting it out without knowing why. Valve sizing and installation practices to avoid future valve problems are also covered.

The Course Highlights:

  • Problem […]
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